Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Boy, New Overalls

No - I didn't get a new boy - but he did just become a bit of toddler and not so much baby.  And with that comes new overalls!!  Well, not really overalls, but romper? jumper?  I never have figured out the "correct" term for children's clothes...oops!  Anyhow.  I finally found a pattern for little boy's clothes that was on sale and in stock and I love it.  4 easy pieces, plenty of ways to dress it up, and it's oh so cute.  It's cut a little wide for my sweet squirt (and he still has some room to grow taller) but I'm going to pretend it's part of the charm because I'm way to lazy to figure out how to take in the facing pieces appropriately.

the ONLY picture I have of him standing still in it...

birthday cupcake applique, green piping on the top edges, fun green buttons = love

how cute is my family?!

turquoise/white linen plaid, pineapple applique, white buttons = classic

OH - and the pattern for those that want to know - Butterick 5439.  And the great part is - this particular pattern also has great girl stuff - it's perfect!  Granted, I haven't made anything but the romper as of yet, but if the rest of it is as simple, I'm 100% sold.  Now - go buy the pattern - when it's on sale for $1 of course! ;)

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