Sunday, May 2, 2010

Put a Lid On It

haha - no - I'm not suggesting that you break out your pots to cover your tot's head... though I'm sure that would make for some very funny candid pictures - I might try that with pepito...

My stepmom "ordered" a pink seersucker dress for someone important at her her school, she's a counselor, and asked if I could make hats.  I said no, I hadn't tried and wasn't really into sewing in triangles, but then, as the week went on I thought "everything else that I haven't had the courage to sew has been super easy - so why not?!"  So I did.  Not too long after - there was an adorable bucket hat with a pink ribbon!!!  So cute!!  

Is there anything sweeter than matching outfit & hat?!  Pepito will have several of these shortly, sans ribbon of course. ;)  And I'm loving the eyelet ruffle and flower buttons!!