Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who Wears Short Shorts?!

Well, actually - no one in my house wears short shorts - we don't roll like that.  But, I did discover that making shorts is crazy easy.  It started as a project to make those attached shorts to the cutesy huge collar shirts.  I bought one for pepito that was darling for 99 cents but he has nothing to wear with it because the collar looked so weird under things.  Well - that was a bust.  I got the proportions wrong and it looked crazy.  So - I folded over the top where I had put all the button holes and, voila, he had regular shorts.  And because of the button holes, it was incredibly easy to thread the elastic through.

I ended up removed the collar and plan to have the shirt monogrammed to wear with the blue gingham shorts for a "dressy casual" outfit.  I know - I find myself ridiculous for even saying that about an 8.5 month's wardrobe...

And in the name of easy, my bestest's little boy has the same problem as William - they're squirts.  No shorts/pants in their true size fits their waist.  I can't tell you how many pairs of adorable pants don't fit either one of them.  So - this is doubly awesome - cute shorts for summer and I can tailor the waist measurement to fit.  I am RIDICULOUSLY excited!  And Robbie got some to match!!

Turns out that buying too much green seersucker frogs was the best thing that ever happened to us!

Now - it was on my list all day to take a pic of W in his blue gingham shorts - but the day got away from me and he ended up with no pants on for most of the afternoon.  Oh well.  But here are Robbie's shorts that I took pics of last week.  And I'll have to say, I love that it requires so little yardage - less than 1/2 yd easy.  Oh, remnants, how I've missed you - we will meet again very soon!!

They're just so cute I can't stand it!

And I labeled this post with 'girls' as well, because how cute would these be in pink with a monogrammed tshirt?!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

How I Felt

heehee - punny - yes, I am THAT dork!

I was at a bit of a loss what to do for William's Easter basket.  I mean, seriously, what does an 8 month old really care about?  He'd rather play with the shredded paper inside than any toys we would fill it with!  But I still felt the need to make him one - being his FIRST Easter and all.  I bought some extra pacis, cute bunny eggs, an Amanda Remembered outfit on super sale at the consignment store, a new sippy cup that he still refuses to drink formula out of, and some soft blocks.  But there was nothing in there from me.  (insert sad face here)

I was completely running out of time on Friday, and also out of groceries, so we were at Walmart picking up the essentials.  The frozen pizza JUST HAPPENS to be right by the baby/toddler section of clothes - so I peeked in, of course.  Don't tell Sam - but I always "peek" in.  And there it was - the perfect weight (slightly heavier), perfect size (12 months), white tshirt.  Lightbulb moment - FELT!!  

I have a couple small pieces of felt floating around the fabric bins, stitch witchery in tinier pieces I could use to keep it in place, and then I just had to decide whether hand-sewing or machine sewing was easier/better idea/cuter.  I googled, blogged, and decided on a blanket stitch.  Now, let me go ahead and mention, this project is by no means an original - it's ridiculously easy - so it's everywhere.  But it's the first time I did it, so I'm still pretty excited...

I winged the letter (though I think next time I'll print out a fun font) and the dots and then studied the blanket stitch.  I happened to already have green embroidery "floss" (is that what it's called?) - so I sat down - caught up on my DVR - and it was done in time for early Sunday morning.  

Now - like I said - this is super easy and I know that you can do it!!  

Items needed:
TShirt that fits your tot
One/Two colors of felt (8.5x11 sheets will be just fine)
Some kind of stitch witchery to hold felt in place while you handstitch
Embroidery floss, thread, whatever it's called
A needle 
Interesting TV/Movie so you don't get bored
A really good tutorial or two on blanket stitching

Seriously - you  can be totally done with this project in under two hour, assuming you don't get distracted...  Because that NEVER happens with little ones running around...ha! 

Stay tuned for a machine applique project - I think I'm going to try and get up the courage to try it soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dots for Two

I was contacted by one of my childhood friends last week.  She has an adorable little girl and just gave birth (seriously!) to a precious little boy.  It's kind of wild - we used to ride the bus together and we took gymnastics from the same gym - and now we all have babies!!

the fabrics

Anyhow - she needed outfits for both her children that coordinated for the summer.  And she just happened to LOVE the orange polka dots I had posted.  Which made me so happy - because I was hoping that they were go to the same person with two children!

And done!  ...please excuse my kitchen, I promise it's clean... ;)

She wanted to bring in some green, instead of the standard blue, and I got to choose the accent fabric - whatever I thought would look best!!  Oh - and I did good - it's an adorable floral citrusy print - so cute!!

I absolutely adorable the free form dots with just a small green accent for little C.

And I'm not sure that this dress could be any cuter!! I made a sash for just in case cute little E is a little small in the waist for the dress still.  I didn't stitch it on so her mommy could remove it if need be, but I love how the print is carried up the dress and then we accented the same green on the bodice for consistency.  Love Love Love!!!

S - I was tickled pink (orange!!) to be able to sew some pretty things for your little ones!!  I still can't get over how grown up we've become!! I look forward to seeing the pics of your little ones grow up (and wear the dots with style!!)  Much love and thankyou!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Outfit for a Sweet Blonde Boy

Ok - I can't stand it - this has to go on the blog.

My bestest's little boy, 2.5 year old Robbie, is ADORABLE!!!  And I got to make his Easter outfit!  Actually, I made two Easter outfits.  A blue plaid one months ago and then rushed to get this seersucker with embroidered frogs done the week of Easter because I had a hunch it would beat out the plaid for the special day.  :)

And I was right.  And he's adorable.

And it doesn't hurt that his momma is a super talented photog - go check her out - no seriously - right now - I'm done with this post anyhow...