Monday, April 12, 2010

Dots for Two

I was contacted by one of my childhood friends last week.  She has an adorable little girl and just gave birth (seriously!) to a precious little boy.  It's kind of wild - we used to ride the bus together and we took gymnastics from the same gym - and now we all have babies!!

the fabrics

Anyhow - she needed outfits for both her children that coordinated for the summer.  And she just happened to LOVE the orange polka dots I had posted.  Which made me so happy - because I was hoping that they were go to the same person with two children!

And done!  ...please excuse my kitchen, I promise it's clean... ;)

She wanted to bring in some green, instead of the standard blue, and I got to choose the accent fabric - whatever I thought would look best!!  Oh - and I did good - it's an adorable floral citrusy print - so cute!!

I absolutely adorable the free form dots with just a small green accent for little C.

And I'm not sure that this dress could be any cuter!! I made a sash for just in case cute little E is a little small in the waist for the dress still.  I didn't stitch it on so her mommy could remove it if need be, but I love how the print is carried up the dress and then we accented the same green on the bodice for consistency.  Love Love Love!!!

S - I was tickled pink (orange!!) to be able to sew some pretty things for your little ones!!  I still can't get over how grown up we've become!! I look forward to seeing the pics of your little ones grow up (and wear the dots with style!!)  Much love and thankyou!!


Hadley said...

Ahhhh!!! I die! So cute!

Santana said...

yes! they are precious!! WE LOVE THEM!!! Em wanted to wear hers all yesterday afternoon! ;)and if c-man could talk I'm sure he would have been begging too!!! thank you!!!! SO MUCH!! I can't wait for warmer weather!

Meghan said...

I am so happy that she loves it!!! Please send me pics of your two cute babes when the weather warms up!!