Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Obsessed

Sam will be the first to tell you - I am 100% obsessed with making pants at the moment.  I've never been able to pattern shorts/pants that I'm totally happy with - believe me - I HAVE tried!  I've gotten close many many times but something was always a little off about how they fit and then it happened.  MADE BY RAE made her Big Butt Baby Pants pattern available for sale on her blog.  Now normally I am morally opposed to paying more than $2 for a pattern but these were so cute and I could print off the pattern that very second and all my pants woes would be over - so I paid $10 for the pattern and haven't looked back.  I am pretty sure that if I paid retail price for pants I would've already made my money back, easy.

So - what I'm saying is - if you sew - go buy the pattern!!  Now!! Or in a second.  Or maybe just eventually.  But seriously, go do it at some point!

What's so great about it is there is so much room for adding special touches, especially for girls, the leg is wide and cute, she told me how long to cut the elastic!! (a personal issue of mine...), and the pattern is graded - you can use it from birth to 2T!!  I've already made 3 gifts, two newborn and one 24 months, that turned out darling - this is in addition to the seven pairs I've made pepito and one sitting on the cutting board!  Oh - did I mention that I can cut, sew, and finish these pants in less than an hour?!  Now you really NEED to buy this pattern!  haha!!

I've been loving them so much, that there only three clean outfits I could take a picture of, all others have been worn and sitting in the neverending laundry pile....

Oh - and my other obsesseion?  Applique T-shirts.  I swear, William is going to be in a million variations of this particular outfit for the next two years.  Not even kidding.  Including the T-shirt (Garanimals from WalMart 3.00-3.50 depending on sale days), the whole outfit usually costs about $6.00-8.00.  Insane for a matching top & bottom, appliqued and ADORABLE!  Heat and Bond has changed my life.

After I do laundry - maybe I'll get to it this weekend - I'll post pics of the other outfits.  Seriously too cute not to show you!  You will die.  And then go spend $10.  If only I was getting paid for all this advertisement.... Seriously - I'm just THAT excited!!

Happy Sewing!  (JoAnn's is having a pretty awesome sale with great coupons this weekend...just saying..  AND Hancock's has all notions 50% off!!)

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