Sunday, August 22, 2010

More of the Fun Pants

So I managed to get some laundry done - surprise!  

I hate applique-ing letters.  William will probably never have his name on a shirt because his name is 7 letters long - suddenly rethinking my stance on nicknames.... ha!

The bug one is the only one where I used the extra energy to make contrast cuffs - they're cute but not worth the extra effort for me most of the time.  I'm head over heels for the red seersucker Georgia outfit - even Sam thinks it's cute!!

Not sure why this picture turned out so dark and the others didn't...but... the duck has brown corduroy pants - I can't wait for cooler weather.  The frog might be one of my favorites.  I had to redo his eyes - at first I had just put flat white buttons there and he, the frog, looked a little possessed...ha!  Not exactly what you want your cutie patootie one year old son wearing around town!  The elephant is Sam's favorite.  It's really soft brown and turquoise houndstooth and my mother-in-law actually thought we had bought his outfit!!  One point for me!

So - there's William's entire fall wardrobe (haha - just kidding - this kid has a better closet than me!)  Now go sew something! ;)


Santana of course said...

We neeed a $ on these outfits! I'm in L. O. V. E.

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