Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let's try this on...

...and see how it works.

Maybe you noticed - there's been a little reworking of the blog.  Take notice of two things please - available fabric on the left and styles on the right.  Pick one from each side and voila!, we'll have the beginning of something cute!!

I am going to be updating what fabrics I have available and if you love one of them (or want to know how we could make it into something adorable), just email me, call me, get in touch with me somehow.  This way - I won't sew needlessly in sizes that you don't need and can be semi-custom that way.

However, I'm not going to post all of the contrast options.  That will be taken care of when you message me.  Case and point - chocolate gingham for girls - pink binding and white ruffle; for boys - blue binding.  Or green - or yellow - or orange - the options are endless and it would be crazy for me to try and post pictures of all of that on here.

I get the feeling that maybe this will be easier and less intimidating than starting from thin air.  Though, feel free to still message me if you have something particular you need for an occasion or otherwise!

Keep an eye out for new stuff on the left!!! (and maybe even the right....)

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