Sunday, March 28, 2010

Design by Accident

I had intended this fun red linen for my pepito.  I was so excited to make him a johnjohn with the great apple tree buttons I had picked up on a whim forever ago.  Well, I accidentally made it WAY too big for him in shoulders but the right size in length.  Meaning - it would probably fit no one's baby as it was...

Stroke of genius - atleast I think so - I cut off the end and made it into a shirt for a small toddler.  Added a pleat, bow, and cute flower stitching at the hem (my camera is being fussy right now about zooming in that no picture) and I think it's adorable!

Now, I'm guessing this would fit a cute tot that's in 18month or 24 month size clothes - but having only a petite 8 month old boy - I'm not entirely sure.

Just tried it on a friend's cute little girl and we decided that it's probably a 2T.  And it was A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E on her!!

The measurements: side to side 13", shoulder to hem 16".

I think it would darling over leggings.  Or anything for that matter.  I'm owed a girl next time around! ;) ha!

In honor of my mistake new item - Price: $15.  Contact me anyway that's easiest for you for more information and if you're local, I'd be happy to let your little one try it on first since I'm not sure what size it is!

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