Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here from the Beginning

I've done it.  I have opened up my sewing to you.  And please opt to take part - if not because the outfits are adorable, almost as adorable as your wee one, then just to indulge me and my ego.  Ha!  No, seriously though, I'm just excited to sew something you'll love.

I began sewing because I was frustrated with all the things that I saw and knew I could make but had no way to do it.  Last year, my sweet husband (and my dad) helped me buy my very own sewing machine.  And it's just perfect.  I've been able to sew clothes for pepito, gift dresses & blankets for friends, window treatments, clothing for myself, pillows, etc.  All things I thought I would never be able to have.  I can make pepito exactly what I want him to wear and have and that alone thrills me.

In the process of churning out dresses and rompers as gifts I've received amazing feedback and feel blessed to be surrounded by such great people.  It is because of all of this support, even if they had no idea, that I feel confident enough to do this.  I am now a small scale custom clothing "manufacturer" - pretty sure that word is only slightly appropriate, but I can't think of a better one right now.

I'm going to limit this thing to infant & toddler clothing right now.  And without further ado, here are the examples of what I've made for my wee one and for other's wee ones.


With overall straps:

Dresses with ruffles!!!

I'd like to think that these thrill you as much as they thrill me.  I have had a great time picking out the fabrics and trim specific to the recipient.  If you are thrilled - contact me and we'll talk fabric selections.  I'm thinking I'm not going to keep any on hand at first, so it will be truly customized for whatever you can dream up!!  I would say give me about a week turn around time but I'm hoping I can beat that on a regular basis!!

As far as pricing goes:  $25 each for all styles you see above, regardless of the amount of fun extras you choose!!!  And the first two people to contact me, facebook-email-blog, will get their outfit for $20 as a special thank you for paying attention and spending your time to look at this.

I will be more than happy to ship (additional cost obviously but I'll be accurate) or hand deliver - just let me know - and I have plenty of ideas for fun wrapping - so hang on to your hats!  

Contact info:
right here on this fancy schmancy blog
facebook - Meghan Rumer or Nutmeg's

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Be on the lookout for updates and new styles added!!  This should be fun!


Hadley said...

I am SO stinkin proud of you!! Seriously, I think this is such a great idea and people will be lucky to have their children dressed in your cute designer duds. You are ridicuously talented and it shows with every stich. Go Megs!!

Meghan said...

Aww - thanks Hads!!! So sweet of you to say. Thankyou for pushing me to put it out there!

Ashley said...

I am so with Hadley! Congrats on this new venture Meghan!!! Can't wait to get Ava some cute outfits:)

Meghan said...

Thanks Ashley! I'm really excited about it! Just let me know if any of the fabrics on the left strike your fancy or email me what you are looking for and I'll try to find it!!